Portfolios > Fantastical forests

These works explore shapes in the natural world. The forms in these drawings are ones I’ve observed during walks near my home, but I’ve rearranged them into fantastical forests of my imagination. They express the presence of nature, gazing out at us as we gaze back at it. The drawings follow changes of the forest from season to season while exploring the species of trees, fungi, insects, and animals present in southern New York. Some explore the journey of a tree, from being struck by lightning to slow decay while taken over by fungi and slime to shredding in the final hairs of cellulose on the forest floor. I’m interested in abstracting the forms, shifting their context, emphasizing the beauty of the colors, textures, and patterns. The places I walk are among densely populated suburban areas. One can hear traffic, smell exhaust, and see the trash left behind. Yet, the encounter with the natural space is a reminder of where we belong.